Retail Rollouts

Efficient rollouts that go off without a hitch

When it’s time for a retail rollout, you can’t afford to have anything go wrong. Our team understands what’s on the line with every rollout, and our Project Managers work with you to execute an efficient, well-documented launch that exceeds your project expectations. From high-tech displays to huge new product lines, we’ve done it all on tight timelines in every environment. 

Whether you have a dozen locations and a week to get it done or you need to rollout in hundreds of stores in just two days, NFI is your partner to ensure there are no delays and no barriers to your success. We’ve helped hundreds of retailers exceed their rollout goals through our flawless, on-time execution. By keeping the lines of communication open with our experienced Project Managers and robust client portal, we make sure you’re always up-to-date on the rollout and have the peace of mind that it’s going to happen as planned and on time. If your rollout matters to your brand or your bottom line, then make sure NFI is on the job from the start.