NFI Hosted PM, Sales and Corporate Summit Meetings

NFI, a nationwide leader in fixture and carpentry installations, hosted a company-wide summit gathering and meetings. The event was held at the corporate Scottsdale, AZ office in mid-January. The executive team, project management team, and sales team engaged in trainings, meetings, and team-building events throughout the week.

“It’s important to maintain a keen focus on continually improving our customer service, program execution, work efficiency, and best practices” said Mike Haddon, Chief Operating Officer of NFI. “Strategically created training, and industry knowledge application are critical to our continued success. These summits are a large benefit to us, and to our customers.”

The training sessions targeted project management fundamentals, risk mitigation, and budget management. Other event highlights included the expected launch of the companies’ new employee intranet site, introduction of new business plans for 2017 and onward, and the unveiling of a new streamlined workflow process.